Letter from the chair

The club is now able to open again on Monday 17th May 2021, initially it will be normal hours unless restrictions change again.
I would like to welcome you back but also remind you of what we expect of you upon your return.
Each individual person must scan-in using the QR code at the entrances, if you are unable to scan-in you must sign-in using the sheets provided.
Masks must be worn when entering, leaving and moving about the club, unless exempt.
The rule of six still applies and table service will be in operation.
No more than six players in the snooker room at any one time.
Social distancing will still apply.
These are not our rules, they are government rules, which we must all obey for everyone's safety and stay within the law until such time as the rules change.
If you haven't paid your membership, you still need to pay it, if you haven't renewed, your card will not work, it will have automatically been cancelled at the end of November 2020. You will no longer be a member of the club and if you play for any EHGSC team you will not be eligible to represent the club. 
There are three ways to pay, 1) Bank Transfer (contact the secretary for details, 2) Pay over the bar on your first visit as soon as we are open, 3) Drop it through the club letterbox in an envelope with your details. 
Subscriptions will still be payable in November for the coming year.
Please do not complain to the staff, they are only following the committee's instructions regarding membership and Covid rules.
Best wishes and stay safe.




Dear Members,


If you live in Earley, Woodley or the Reading East area

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 The club has been open since its founding by the local Home Guards Unit in 1944 and, though going through many changes over the years, it has maintained its independence and character. Despite appearing to be, by name, a sketch from Dad’s Army this is a club for members and members’ families to come for a quiet time, a drink and socialising in a safe and friendly environment. We do ask that children are supervised at all times.

Want to see for yourself? Call in any evening from Monday to Saturday to see for yourself! If you like what you see becoming a member is easy. Interviews are held on the first Thursday of every month, fill in the form available on this website and bring it along, let us know beforehand if possible.

Please look at our site, full of information to help you join. 

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