In October 2014, the committee organised a most successful weekend to celebrate the club's 70th Anniversary. A coupons card was produced for free food, drinks and entry to raffles, and the food provided was a magnificent, and very popular, spread. A great deal of time and effort by the committee ensured that everyone was well fed and well entertained by the end of Saturday evening. On Sunday the same few people again hosted a successful event in the afternoon tea, this time high tea and cakes, again a coupon for food and entry to a raffle, and those attending enjoyed good conversation and many memories of the past events of the club. There was also a slide show at both events, and many of the Sunday attendees recognised both themselves and friends from the past. The photos below are a small sample of the pictures taken at the event, and a CD/DVD is available of these plus more and the slides shown at the event themselves.

Many thanks to all on the committee who gave up so much time and effort to produce this popular event.

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Click here to read the 70th anniversary club speech, read by the Chairman on the night.